Karen A.

UltraThin LASIK – February 2021

“Estoy tan agradecida con el doctor Alexander y con sus asistentes, ellos hicieron posible el que pudiera volver a ver sin lentes, fue un cirugía sin dolor antes y después.  Gracias por todo.”

Translation:  “I’m so thankful for Dr Alexander and his assistants, they made it possible to see again without glasses, it was a painless surgery before and after. thank you for everything.”

Jesse M.

UltraThin LASIK – January 2021

“I had LASIK surgery done on 1/20/21 and I cannot say enough about my experience. From start to finish the entire staff from the front desk to the techs to Dr. Alexander himself were truly exceptional. My vision wasn’t terrible. I had just come to the point in my life where I was done with glasses or contacts in my life. I had visited a different eye clinic before Dr. Alexander and the first one made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for an elective surgery choice. The first clinic took over a week to even call me about if I was a candidate. Not Dr. Alexander and his team. They explained everything that I wanted to know about (I didn’t really want to know many of the exact details of the surgery) and what they could do for me all within the first consultation. Dr. Alexander is extremely professional and has a great “bedside manner”. He is very soft voiced and speaks to you with respect and wants to make sure that you are comfortable and feel important.

As for the surgery, quick, painless, and effective. My vision tested at 20/15 and I feel great.

Thank you for changing the comfort level in my life. No more dry contacts and eyes from long hours at work. Thank you so much Dr. Alexander and your entire team.”

Lois G.

Cataract with PermaClear GOLD – December 2020

“Dr. Alexander performed my cataract surgery on Dec 23/24 and it feels as if it’s a miracle to have my eyesight restored clear & crisp!  His staff is wonderful and the procedure painless.  I can actually read small print and colors are brilliant.  It has been life enhancing and I’m thankful to all of them for making it a pleasant experience.”

Bill A.

Cataract with PermaClear GOLD – October 2020

“I met with Dr. Alexander and his very special staff late in August. They got me in for cataract surgery and lens replacement October 13th & 15th. I went back the next day after my first surgery, unbelievable how small of words I could read without glasses. Got the same results with the second eye surgery. I am so glad I saw his advertisement on tv and went to his Eye Institute. The only regret is, I didn’t do this sooner. Thank you Dr. Alexander and staff!”

Becky M.

Cataract with PermaClear – September 2020

“Dr. Alexander and his team are the very Best!  I have seen many eye doctors and none compare to his excellence!  My sight going in was 20/200 but after doctor removing my cataracts and giving me PermaClear lenses my sight is now restored. I can see clearly near and far. Doctor Alexander is very talented!”

Dalton W.

Woodworth, Dalton PRK 2-27-2020

PRK – February 2020

“I was tired of glasses and contacts and decided to take the plunge and get vision correction surgery.  It was the best decision I made and wish I could have done it sooner.  I now do not have to worry about carrying around contact lense cases and solution.  There is a sense of freedom waking up and not having to insert contact lenses or have uncomfortable glasses on my face.  With any corrective eye surgery, there is a need for constant lubricant drops but I was used to that when I wore contact lenses.  I am grateful for Dr. Alexander and his staff.  They truly care about your well-being.”

Linda K.

Kubitz, Linda PC G 9-2020

PermaClear GOLD – September 2020

“I was so happy with Alexander. They exceeded all my expectations. This was a zero discomfort, pain free process. I am very happy with my results. My dozen pairs of “cheaters” are gone. Thanks again.”

Rachel E.

Ely, Rachel UT LASIK 12-17-2020

UltraThin LASIK – December 2020

“I drove 4 hours to get my Lasik Eye Surgery with Dr. Alexander and it was a great experience. The whole staff made me feel very comfortable and welcome. Now I can see 20/15 and I couldn’t be happier! No more contacts or glasses thanks to Dr. Alexander. They really are the best! Well worth the drive!”

Jasmine K

Kempka, Jasmine OD PRK OS LSK

UltraThin LASIK – April 2020

“Super friendly and helpful staff. I live an hour and twenty minutes away and it’s worth the drive. They’ve been very flexible with my crazy schedule. My vision is great and I’m happy with the results!”

Joseph W.

Weiland, Joseph PC GOLD 6-9 & 6-11-2020

PermaClear GOLD Lens Replacement – June  2020

“I’m a repeat customer for Dr. Alexander but for the right reasons. Both my wife and I had Lasik performed by Dr. Alexander 18 years ago. My vision after the surgery was 20/15- it was better than when when I wore my glasses before surgery. The professionalism and care they provided back them was top notch. At the time, they told me I may need reading glasses in the future, so I knew there would come a time when my lasik would “fade”. 18 years later, I started to become reliant on reading glasses. I could no longer see menus in restaurants, texts on my phone, working at the computer required reading glasses and my distant vision was not as sharp as it once was. I called Dr. Alexander’s office and the staff was just as professional and friendly as I remember 18 years earlier. When I met with Dr. Alexander, he was the same professional Doctor I remembered and thoroughly answered all of my questions. He was a very busy Doctor, but he did not rush his time with me. He explained in great detail the the process of Permaclear lens replacement which help ease my concerns . I was schedule for my Surgery 3/2020… Then Covid hit. The staff had to reschedule my surgery and did an amazing job rescheduling everybody as soon as they could resume surgery. I chose to wait until 6/2020 to have my surgery. I’m now 10 days post surgery and all I can say is once again I’m AMAZED at how good I can see! I can read and see clearly close and far with no glasses or issues! The staff preps you about this type of surgery, and how its not instant like lasik. They tell you it is a process that takes time to basically retrain your brain to adjust to reading close and far without glasses. I’m sure for some people this maybe true, but my experience this process is much faster than advertised. I’m sure they don’t want to build false expectations and caution on this taking longer compared to shorter. Through both my experiences with Dr. Alexander I would recommend him 100%. If you ask questions, manage expectations and follow post care directions I can’t imagine you would not have very similar results!

Andrew M.

PRK – June  2020

“I highly recommend Alexander Eye Institute for their services. I’ve been trying to get LASIK for over 10 years and I was finally able to get it done. I’ve struggled with nearsightedness and the hassles of contacts or glasses for most of my life. To be able to see without corrective lenses is certainly life changing. My procedure was very smooth, painless, and quick. I’m writing this review the very next morning after my procedure and my vision is already almost perfect. Dr Alexander and his staff were very professional and courteous and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process.”

Keely G.

PRK – July 2020

“Very nice staff and Dr Alexander is great. They all seem to really care about their patients and try their best to make you comfortable and help you out even like me someone out of state. Cost was affordable and many payment options. The surgery itself was very fast and never hurt only a little uncomfortable in some parts but over all nothing scary or painful. Managed to get 20/20 vision after years of pretty advanced genetic continually worsening astigmatism that was inheritated from my mom’s side.”

Chad J.

Johnson, Chad PRK Enh 3-5-2020

PRK Enhancement – March  2020

“My vision is now AMAZING!!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Alexander. Back in 1999, I had Lasik Surgery from a previous doctor in Janesville, WI. Now 21 years later my vision had decreased mainly due to an Astigmatism and was back to wearing glasses and contacts. I work as a FT Firefighter in the valley and will be taking our department Driver/Operator class within the next year. Before this process starts, I was hoping I would be able to have Lasik again so that I would be able to drive our Engines without the use of contacts. I contacted Dr. Alexander’s office to schedule an appointed for a free evaluation. They recommended that a PRK Enhancement was the safest way for me to get the best results rather than lifting a 21-year-old flap. I didn’t even know what this surgery was. I figured I would be having Lasik again. I did my research about lifting old Lasik flaps and didn’t want to take any chance of doing that. The PRK had a little longer healing process but was well worth it. Please remember I am not an expert and everyone’s situation may be different.

After the initial tests during my consultation, I was told that I was a candidate to have the PRK surgery. Dr. Alexander and his staff clearly explained to me what was going to happen during the procedure and how to care for my eyes during the days and months after. I had my surgery on a Thursday and on the following Monday my vision was already almost 20/20. Now 6 weeks later, I can clearly see the 20/15 line with no issues at all.  Thank you Dr. Alexander and staff!!! I could not be happier.”

Todd K.

Kimps, Todd CE PC GOLD 1-16-2020

Cataract with PermaClear GOLD – January  2020

“I went to Alexander Eye Institute in November to discuss my options since I had been told by others there was nothing they could do for my poor vision. I was 56 and had worn glasses since I was 4 years old that were very thick and unattractive. I was a +9.00 in my left eye and a +7.00 in my right eye with amblyopia. Dr. Alexander informed me that I was a great candidate for Perma-Clear Gold lens implants. I went ahead with the surgeries on Jan 14th and 16th and within a couple days I was able to see perfectly. There was zero pain whatsoever! Dr. Alexander and his entire staff of nurses were impeccable and compassionate. It has been a life changing event for me and I recommend The Alexander Eye Institute to anyone who is considering eye surgery.  Thank you so much Dr. Alexander!  Sincerely, Todd Kimps”.

Joy K.

UltraThin LASIK – April  2020

“Was a great experience from the first visit all the way through. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, the surgery is super quick and painless. If you’re still trying to decide if you should get lasik, DO IT!!! It is so worth it!! You’ll wish you’d done it sooner!”

Cassandra F.

Freund, Cassandra UT LASIK 2-2020

UltraThin LASIK – February  2020

“I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Alexander Eye. I was originally very reluctant to get my eyes done, call me crazy but I wasn’t so sure about a laser in my eye. lol However, Alexander Eye was SOOO helpful, right from the beginning they were friendly and upbeat. They understood my fears and easily put to rest all the “bad information” given to me by the internet.  Everyone was kind, the ladies behind the desk are funny and so very friendly. Dr. Alexander is kind and knows his stuff. Thank you Alexander Eye for giving me my eyes back!!”

Trish S.

Stuckart, Tricia UT LASIK 3-12-2020

UltraThin LASIK – March 2020

“I had an awesome experience at the Alexander eye institute! My eye sight is now better than 20/20! I’ve worn glasses since second grade. I don’t know why I waited until I was 47 to have this done! The staff is amazing (special thank you to Jess!) and Dr. Alexander are just the best that you could ever expect or want! Thank you!”

Megan C.

PRK – January 2019

“It has been 1 year and 28 days since my Laser eye surgery. (I say laser eye because it wasn’t LASIK, it was Photo Refractive Keratectomy and that’s a mouthful). Before my surgery, I’d had glasses since I was 2. My right eye was seeing at 20/200 without correction and my left eye was at 20/400+ (the scale only goes up to 20/400 so it was somewhere past that.) I also had a double astigmatism. One of the Fox Valley eye doctors, I kid you not, told me that they could bring my right eye to 20/20 but would not operate on my left eye. In their words, it was “unsavable and you’re better off just letting that one shut off”.

Alexander Eye Institute gave me a shot, in hopes that they could bring me to 20/20 in my right and 20/30 at best in my left.

Today, my right eye is seeing at 20/15, and my left eye is (drumroll please)….20/20. To say they changed my whole life is an understatement. Every step of the way, Dr. Alexander and his staff have been nothing short of an exemplary team of care providers. 10/10 in my book. ⭐️ Best graduation present I could have ever received.”

Trevor S.

Spoolstra, Trevor LASIK 1-24-2020

UltraSight LASIK – January 2020

“For someone who’s had bad eyes all my life, being able to change my vision to overall improve everyday life was a huge goal of mine and Dr. Alexander made it a reality for me! My experience was phenomenal overall, with a great staff and overall comfortable and professional experience, it made this process so much easier for myself. Anyone who is looking to improve their vision, and overall life experience with their eyes, I would highly advise to you schedule an appointment with them! Again, thank you so much Dr. Alexander and the rest of your team/staff for a tremendous experience!”

Kay R.

UltraSight LASIK – April 1998

“On April 4, 1998, Dr. Alexander performed LASIK on my eyes. Before LASIK, I could not see any letters on the eye chart. After LASIK, I could immediately see everything clearly with both distance and close-up vision.

On January 13, 2020, I had my annual vision exam. I am seeing 20/20 and my close-up vision is excellent – no reading glasses.  My daughter and her husband had LASIK with Dr. Alexander about eight years ago; their vision is also perfect.

Dr. Alexander was my doctor for two or three years before LASIK. He was the only doctor I trusted with my eyes as he is calm, soft-spoken, reassuring and the best. His staff is also excellent, patiently answering my many questions with a smile.

LASIK is not scary or nerve-wracking. The procedure lasted only a few minutes for each eye. I walked out of the room no longer wearing thick glasses or contacts. Total joy!  For almost 22 years, I have been able to move around anywhere with confidence. That feeling of freedom is exhilarating! I will forever be grateful to Dr. Alexander for giving me the gift of sight.”

Stacey S.

Schmick, Stacey UT LASIK 11-1-19

UltraThin LASIK – November 2019

“I had a great experience getting Lasik done at the Alexander Eye Institute and I would recommend them to anyone thinking about vision correction. I had an unrelated medical issue that caused me to have to reschedule my Lasik surgery but they worked with me and were able to get me in the next day. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and friendly. I felt comfortable right from the very first consultation. They also give you a folder full of information regarding what to expect and how to care for your eyes pre and post-surgery. Overall, I am very happy with my results and I wish I would have done this years ago!”

Julie L.

Lang, Julie PC GOLD 9-12-19

Cataract/PermaClear GOLD – September 2019

“This face ain’t perfect, but these eyes are!  These glasses are gone FOREVER!  [PanOptix] lens implants by Dr. Alexander in Appleton.  He is the best!  AMAZING results. (unpaid advertising).  Definitely check it out!  Best $ ever spent.”

Sarah S.

UltraThin LASIK – September 2019

“I am so happy that I finally decided to get Lasik done at Alexander Eye Institute! I had it done in September 2019, and had 20/20 vision already the day after my surgery. This is the first time in my life I can say I have 20/20 vision without glasses! I decided to finally get it done because as I’ve gotten older and started traveling more, I felt like glasses were extremely restricting the activities I could do. For example, I went snorkeling once, but had to do it without my glasses. It was still fun, but I can only imagine how much better it would’ve been if I could actually see clearly. If you are considering getting Lasik, I highly highly recommend doing it here at Alexander Eye Institute. Everyone was so friendly and nice. I was extremely nervous about the whole procedure, but someone came in and held my hands the whole time and Dr. Alexander was so nice about it. He never made me feel like my nervousness was making his job more difficult, even though I’m sure it wasn’t helping at all. He was so patient with me which really helped. Now, because of him, I am looking forward so much more to my next vacation, where I can try snorkeling out again and actually see!”

Lori B.

Barribeau, Lori PC GOLD 12-12-19

PermaClear GOLD – December 2019

“I’ve worn glasses/contacts for (45) years. My vision was so bad it was hard to correct with glasses and if I wore contacts, I had to also use cheaters.
Thanks to Dr. Alexander and his team, and PermaClear GOLD, I can now see perfectly! They guide you through the whole process, answering questions and alleviating any anxiety you may have.  Excellent pre-op and post-op care.”

Ryan K.

UltraThin LASIK – December 2019

“I had a great experience having Lasik. It was a very freeing feeling no longer having to mess with contacts. I would highly recommend Alexander Eye Institute!”

Elberta B.

Bannon, Elberta CE PC GOLD 11-21-19

Cataract/PermaClear GOLD – November 2019

“I recently had the most awesome, life changing experience- I had my vision restored to 20/20 by having Dr Alexander perform the Perma Gold lens replacement!! And I can’t stop smiling and talking about my great results!!  After wearing contacts for many years and having to use readers OVER my contacts  to thread a needle or do fine hand work and having to bring all my contact stuff for month long vacations, I was frustrated.  I contacted friends that had Dr. Alexander do this same surgery and they were more than pleased saying also, that they wished they would have had it done 10 years sooner.  So after their recommendations, I decided to fly all the way from Charleston, S.C. to Appleton because I wanted only the very BEST- Dr. Alexander-to do this surgery.  The surgery was easy and painless and of course with great results immediately!!

Dr. Alexander is knowledgeable, kind, caring, particular, and personable.  His entire staff is the best and as a result I felt 100% comfortable having this procedure done!! And now, I smile every time I thread a needle knowing that I made the best decision ever and I thank Dr. Alexander for making that happen. If you are even “ thinking” about this surgery, stop thinking and get great vision sooner than later!!”

Ruth K.

Komis, Ruth CE PC Gold 10-1 & 10-3-2019

Cataract/PermaClear GOLD – October 2019

“Dr. Alexander performed LASIK surgery on my eyes at least 25 years ago and I was enormously happy.  It was almost a miracle as my vision was very poor and I have had excellent vision, both near and far, since then.  The last couple of years I have developed cataracts so, of course, I went back to Dr. Alexander.  He recently removed the cataracts and implanted PanOptix lenses, PermaClear GOLD.  I am again so overjoyed with the results.  I can see in the distance, up close and in between, without glasses!  The entire staff is absolutely awesome.  Everyone is so caring and reminded me of a big happy family.  I put my eyes in Dr. Alexander’s trusted hands and would do it again without hesitation if the need arose.”

Debra M.

Cataract – September 2019

“I lived with my cataracts for about 20 years. I had no idea my world had become so drab colorless. I am thrilled with the outcome of my cataract surgery! I have color and sharpness back in my life! Once again, I can enjoy the things I used to – like reading without a million watt light bulb! It’s a joy to look out the window and marvel at the beauty of the world. I wish I hadn’t waited years to have my cataracts removed. From the moment I contacted the Alexander Eye Institute I was confident I had chosen the right place. The staff are so happy, friendly, and helpful and made me feel right at home. Many, many thanks to Dr. Alexander and his staff for giving me back my eyesight!”

Ann F.

Cataract/Standard Plus –  July 2019


Bobbie C.

Cercone, Bobbie OU PRK 6-20-19 high myopia

PRK –  June 2019

“I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old, and haven’t read the big E on the chart since I was 15, and was VERY nearsighted with astigmatism. After a few consultations I settled on getting PRK at the Alexander Eye Institute. They made me feel at ease when I was anxious about the procedure. The entire process has been quite easy and my vision is now 20/15. Being able to see clearly without lenses or glasses has made keeping up with my little ones so much easier!”

Terri K.

Klapperich, Theresa OD LASIK 6-6-19

UltraThin LASIK – June 2019

“I am so grateful to have been able to work with Dr. Alexander and his staff! The whole process was so easy and everyone made me feel like I was a part of their own family. Katie was amazing and I am so glad she held my hand (although it wasn’t needed) throughout the surgery (all 2 minutes of it 🙂 I will be recommending Dr. Alexander to everyone! THANK YOU!”

Jenna D.

DeCleene, Jenna UT LASIK 5-23-19

UltraThin LASIK – May 2019

“Being able to take a shower and not blindly search for my shampoo and razor is a feeling that you can’t put a label or a price on. “ I wish I would’ve done this earlier” is something I always heard about people who have gotten lasik- that statement couldn’t have been more true. I was a very quick patient and needed perfect vision in a relatively short period of time and I was in complete care and support of everyone who worked there. I had felt like I knew them for years. They explained everything from start to finish multiple times so whenever I had a question, I had realized that they had already told me the answers. It is a blessing to have Dr Alexander give me this gift and I will forever be grateful to him and his staff of amazing and compassionate woman.”

Chloe M.

McLeod, Chloe UT LASIK 4-2019 use

UltraThin LASIK – April 2019

I can see and it’s all thanks to Dr. Alexander!  I flew back from Colorado because he came so highly recommended and I can see why.  Everything about the process was easy and professional.  Do it!  You won’t regret it.

Peggy B.

Brighum, Margaret (Peggy) CE 4-2019

Cataract Surgery – April 2019

“Good by cataracts and hello BRIGHT colors.  I could hardly believe the difference.  Thank you Dr. Alexander you are more than a good doctor, your attention to detail and your kindness sets you apart.  I appreciate your commitment, dedication & service as I know others do as well.  I was just an ordinary patient but you & your staff took care of me like I was the only patient.  I would highly recommend Alexander Eye Institute, AWESOME DOCTOR & STAFF.”

Matt W.

Woelfel, Matt UT LASIK 4-2019 Use

LASIK – April 2019

“Simply the best! From start to finish the staff and Dr. Alexander treats you like family. Never once did I feel uneasy or unsure of the process. I went into the building with 20/320 vision and walked out with 20/15. The whole experience was relaxing. I would highly recommend going with Alexander for your lasik needs. The staff is amazing and quite frankly Dr. Alexander is the best.  Thank you Staff and Dr. Alexander.”

Gary L.

Limpert, Gary CE 4-2019 use

Cataract/Standard Plus – March 2019

“Wow! My experience at the Alexander Eye Institute has been fantastic.  I had cataract surgery recently and my vision is so good.  This is the first time since I was in 5th grade that I have not had to wear glasses.  The staff was very friendly and helpful. I would recommend Dr. Alexander to anyone!”

Jackie K.

Kayramo 2

(UltraThin LASIK – March 2019)

“I should have done this YEARS AGO! Dr. Alexander and his staff were amazing! They made me feel comfortable during the whole Lasik process and were very personable and professional to work with, highly recommended. Being able to wake up and see is like a miracle! Thank you Dr. Alexander and your wonderful staff for my vision.”

Nate G.

Goddard, Nate UT LASIK 2019

(UltraThin LASIK – March 2019)

“Dr. Alexander and his staff were amazing throughout the whole process of getting Lasik! It truly is amazing what this can do for you!  It is life changing.  I always had troubles reading the TV screen or even street signs, the day after Lasik, I could immediately tell a huge difference.  After Lasik, I now have 20/15 vision in one eye and 20/20 in the other.  They make sure everyone is satisfied and they could not have been more helpful.  I will always recommend Dr. Alexander and the Alexander Eye Institute for anyone who wants better vision. They truly are the best in the business!  Thank you so much Dr. Alexander and the rest of your staff for making this process feel comfortable and thank you for changing my life!”

Heather S.

Schoebel 2

(PRK – August 2018)

“Best money I have ever spent!!  I couldn’t even see my alarm clock before PRK and now I have 20/20 vision.  I wish I would’ve done this years ago!!  Dr. Alexander and his staff are some of the most professional, friendly and caring individuals I have had the pleasure of working with.  Everything about the procedure, both during and after, was explained well and in terms for the layman.  I have recommended corrective eye surgery and AEI to others and will continue to do so!!”

Jennifer G.

Gillis, Jennifer LASIK 3-192

(UltraThin LASIK – March 2019)

“For the first time, that I can remember, I opened my eyes this morning and could see my alarm clock! It is honestly the most amazing feeling to someone that has suffered horrible eyesight for most of their life. The staff at Alexander is some of the most caring, understanding, and helpful people. They call themselves family, and that is how it felt as soon as I walked into the office. They are very thorough exams, even the free consult. It made me feel very comfortable putting my sight in their hands! Dr. Alexander wants to make sure you feel comfortable with the procedure and listens to any concerns and answers any questions you might have. After the surgery, that support is still there! Very excited and happy for the future without the hassle of glasses or contacts.”

Brian T.

Thielen, Brian PC 1-24-19

(PermaClear – January 2019)

“My experience at Alexander Eye Institute was excellent – beyond my expectations, really. Everyone was both professional and personable. I felt that I was in good hands throughout the entire experience. A great big Thank You to Dr Alexander and the entire staff!”

Corey S.

Sagehorn, Corey UT LSK 1-19

(UltraThin LASIK – January 2019)

“I had LASIK last week and my experience was great. Dr. Alexander and his staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. They answered all of my questions and were able to get me scheduled very quickly. I would recommend this to everyone!”

Tony R.

Redling, Tony LASIK 1-10-19

(UltraThin LASIK – January 2019)

“Dr. Alexander and staff were great for all of my visits – both before and after my UltraThin LASIK surgery. They answered all of my questions in a professional manner. I am very happy with the results and my vision is at 20/15. It’s great to wake up in the morning and be able to see clearly without contacts or glasses. I just wish I had LASIK surgery sooner!”

Jill S.

Sousek, Jill UT LASIK 10-18-18

(UltraThin LASIK – October 2018)

“Had Lasik yesterday!! Great results and an amazing experience!! Dr Alexander is wonderful, as well as his entire staff! I would recommend to everyone! Truly Amazing!!”

Bailey J.

Jensen, Bailey LASIK 8-16-18

(UltraThin LASIK – August 2018)

“I could not be happier with my Lasik eye surgery. I wore contacts for many years resulting in chronic dry eye therefore I needed to wear glasses for many years. After getting LASIK eye surgery done with Dr. Avery it has been such a life changer. I’m finally able to go swimming with my daughter without having to wear expensive prescription glasses! I am beyond impressed with Dr. Avery and his staff. They were extremely professional yet kind and personable. They were very well organized and I always left knowing what to expect as well as all my questions answered. Being a healthcare professional myself I tend to have high expectations for Medical staff and Dr. Avery and his staff have exceeded those expectations. I would recommend Alexander Eye Institute in a heartbeat.”

Becky K.

Palo, Rebecca UT LASIK 3-2018

(UltraThin LASIK – March 2018)

“I am so happy I finally made the decision to just do it.  My eyesight started to change so I knew I was going to need glasses again.  Instead of putting all the money toward new glasses, sunglasses, contacts, I finally just said it’s time.  Best decision ever.  My eyesight is awesome.  I can read in  bed without fumbling for my glasses.  The crispness of my vision is incredible.  Thank you Dr. Alexander.  You and your staff have made this a fabulous experience for me.  Your staff was very welcoming and helpful from the beginning to the end.”

Gary V.

Vandendenberg, Gary OU PC 5-2018

(Cataract with PermaClear – May 2018)

“Last month I had the PermaClear procedure done on both eyes at the Alexander Eye Institute. I was so impressed with the professional yet friendly atmosphere of both the facility and staff. I would recommend the Alexander Eye Institute to anyone contemplating PermaClear, lasik or cataract surgery. Once I met with the staff my confidence level went way up and I looked forward to my procedures. What also amazed me was the little bit of down time I had after.  You only get one set of eyes, treat them to the best!”

Kay Lynn M.

(UltraThin LASIK – June 2018)

“I highly recommend the Alexander Eye Institute. Their staff is fantastic and my surgery went perfectly! I’ve already told many of my coworkers how awesome it is to see 20/20 without glasses or contacts!”

Patty S.

Shea, Patti PC 5-2018

(PermaClear – February 2018)

“Around the age of 40 my reading vision started getting bad, as the years went by I started needing my glasses all the time.  I hated glasses is an understatement.  After lots of research and meeting with other clinics in the area and talking about the options available I decided to move forward with Dr. Alexander and his staff to have PermaClear implants done.  I had the surgery done in mid-February and no longer need glasses at all.  I am so glad I went forward with this and chose the Alexander Eye Institute.  Everyone there is simply amazing….always friendly, smiling and willing to answer any questions you may have.  They thoroughly walked me thru the entire process.  I was reading the day after surgery…no pain, no discomfort, nothing.  It was the best decision I have ever made.”

Cherie G.

(PRK – June 2017)

“Last June I got PRK. Yesterday was my 11 month check up and last eye appointment with Alexander. Before I did the surgery my eyes were 20/400+. By the end of my checkup yesterday I was able to read three out of five letters for 20/10 vision! You know you accomplished something big when your surgeon (Dr. Alexander) turns to you, shakes your hand and says “congratulations, your eyes are phenomenal!” I cannot thank Alexander and his team enough for giving me BETTER than perfect vision! To tell you the truth I think we were all shocked with my results, but I cannot be more grateful and excited. To anyone who doesn’t qualify for Lasik (like I was) and is questioning if PRK is really worth all the recovery time and countless eye drops, believe me when I say – YES! 1000 times yes, it is worth all the hard work and money. I strongly suggest everyone consider this company to get their eyes done. Don’t go somewhere else just because they’re cheaper, do your homework and go to the best Doctor. The only thing I suggest is for all future patients to ask A LOT of questions. Ask as many as you can and get clarification on everything. The best thing you can do is make sure you’re doing everything right and doing the right amount of eye drops to help your eyes recover. If you don’t ask for clarification, sometimes they won’t go into detail. And if that is the worst thing about this company, then I say they’re doing a really good job!”

Bruce L.

LeMere, Bruce PC 4-11-18

(PermaClear – April 2017)

“My experience with Dr. Alexander and his staff was Awesome!  From the free consultation, to the work up, to the PermaClear surgery, and all the visits after the procedure were very professional, friendly and enjoyable. After wearing glasses and contacts for thirty-six years, it’s fantastic to not have to deal with that stuff anymore. The whole experience was pain free. I will be recommending them to anybody that asks me where I had my eye enhancement done. Big thank you to everybody at the Alexander Eye Institute.”

Ben H.

Heninger, Ben PRK 10-2017

(PRK – October 2017)

“Dr. Alexander and his amazing staff members have completely transformed my life and the manner in which I ‘see’ the world around me.  To anyone who has ever considered a life beyond glasses, beyond contact lenses and beyond limitations, I have only one question for you: What are you waiting for???”

 Jack I.

Igel, David PC 1-2018

(PermaClear – January 2018)

“I grew up never having to wear glasses. But as I got older it started first with really light reading glasses and then progressively got worse and worse. When I was younger I was always told that I had the eyes of a fighter pilot so as I aged and had to use reading glasses I didn’t like it but I just chalked it up to getting old. But then I began to notice that it was getting even harder and harder to see things far away and decided I needed to find out if there was something that could be done. I went to see Dr. Alexander and found out that I was a candidate for permaclear. I have to admit that the thought of someone messing with my eyes was scary. But Dr. Alexander staff was outstanding and did everything to help me understand what the procedure was and what the outcome would be. So I jumped in and had the surgery done and I have to tell you it was the most painless process that I’ve ever had done. I’m sitting here today typing this out and reading it with no glasses and with perfect vision. Thank you Dr. Alexander thank you to the staff for giving me back my vision. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to have it done.”

Mykael H.

Heimke, Mykael cropped 2

(PRK – January 2018)

“Dr. Alexander and his team are amazing! I have had glasses since third grade and my vision was terrible. I got PRK surgery about a month ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Dr. Alexander answers all questions that you have and makes you feel really comfortable before the surgery. There isn’t a better gift than the gift of sight in my book and I’m forever grateful to Dr. Alexander!

Gaetan P.

Philippon, Gaeton PC 12-2017

(PermaClear – December 2017)

Highly recommend Dr. Alexander to anyone considering vision correction surgery.  Up until 10 years ago, I had excellent eyesight.  However, when I turned 40 the effects of presbyopia came on rapidly.  I wore glasses the past nine years, but it really impacted my ability to do the things I could once do without effort, such as read a menu in a restaurant, projects around the house, play golf, etc…. Upon researching my options, I consulted with Dr. Alexander about my options.  He was very forthright in setting expectations in terms of what he could fix, and what he could not fix.  He recommended the PermaClear surgery, which I underwent the beginning of December (left eye on a Tuesday, right eye on a Thursday).  The results after a month and a half of having the surgery have exceeded my expectations.  Now I can read texts off my Apple Watch easily and without glasses!

I am still adjusting to some things with the computer but as the awesome staff at Alexander Eye Institute told me this is a normal part of the process in training your brain.  This takes time and some patience, perhaps even a year.  But the improvements right after surgery makes the time to retrain the brain well worth the investment.

From the moment I walked unto the door for my first consult I had every question answered.  The staff is exceptional, patient, and very knowledgeable.  They provide a detailed after-care plan post-surgery that I followed closely.  I never felt any pain during or after the surgery.  Thank you Dr. Alexander and staff for improving my sight, and for making my experience with Alexander Eye Institute positive.”

Jeff S.

Stalsberg, Jeff PRK 7-2017

(PRK – July 2017)

“Dr. Alexander does incredible work! I had worn glasses/contacts since 4th grade with a strong prescription and now I am 20/20 without either. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get laser corrective surgery.”

Laura S.

Slater-Hatzenbeller, Laura

(PermaClear – June 2015)

“Before my lens implant procedure with Dr. Alexander and his wonderful staff, I always had to use a magnifying glass in order to thread my needlework project needles as well as work on even larger scale projects, and I still had difficulties! Post surgery, I can easily see to thread the most intricate needles and can clearly see to work on all of my projects without any problems whatsoever! I never imagined that my vision would be so clear without having to wear contacts and glasses. Being severely nearsighted all of my life, it’s a miracle that my vision has been restored completely with Perma Clear! I have been given a new “outlook” on life! Thank you to all at Alexander Eye for such excellent care. I am forever grateful, thankful and blessed!”

Judith K.

Krings, Judith cropped

(Cataract with PermaClear – May 2017)

“#1 in my book for your visual care. I have lasix surgery 17 years ago and recently lens replacement for cataracts. No way I was going to wear eye glasses and contact. My eyes changed rapidly. I called Dr. Alexander’s office and obtained an appointment quickly. I am a private practice clinical psychologist and positive psychology coach, and I can tell you I have never received better medical care anywhere. Totally professional, his staff and Dr. Alexander walk the talk of compassion, dedication, and service with a smile. Dr. Alexander is a total pro whose welcoming and friendly demeanor makes you feel confident from the first time you meet him. He is the doctor who wants a relationship with you and authentically cares about your vision, yes, but he also cares about you as a person. In his office, you matter. And his staff! They are also in a class all their own. Sensitive, accommodating, friendly and super competent, they set the stage for your visit to be wonderfully relaxing. How many times can you say you ENJOY a doctor’s visit? Gourmet cookies and steaming fresh coffee greet you as you walk off the elevator into his stunning, classy office with a relaxing movie running. If you are waiting for someone, as many folks do, you will feel relaxed and at ease. No one does eye care better. Treat yourself to terrific sight and enjoy your journey with him along the way. A+ for Dr. Alexander and his staff!”

Katie K.

(Catarct with PermaClear – April 2017)

“From when I started to “think about it” to having 20/20 amazing vision, this was a wonderful experience! I’ve worn glasses since kindergarten so for my 60th birthday, my family gave me this gift of perfect vision! No pain, no scratchy eyes, no groggy medicine head. It’s an amazing thing, no contacts, no glasses, no readers, no cataracts – ever!

Dr. Alexander is a wonderful doctor, competent, compassionate with a great sense of humor. His staff is all the same I’ve mentioned above and are patient to hear your questions and anxieties of which I had many.

Don’t delay! This is so worth the cost. Thank you to my Marquette, MI eye doctor Dr. Nancy Stang who highly recommended the trip to Appleton, WI for this procedure with Dr. Alexander. I’m happy I’ll be home in Mqt with her for all my follow up! Great experience.”

Chris R.

(PermaClear – March 2017)

“For the past several years I noticed changes with my vision. My vision became more blurry, I had a difficult time seeing at night, constant headaches and my prescription for my glasses changed each time I saw an eye doctor. Finally a friend told me to look into LASIK. Having no idea what that entailed or who to see, I began to research the Internet. Everything I read pointed to Dr. Alexander as the doctor to see. I e-mailed the office and very quickly received a response from Jess. I went in for my free consultation with Jess and immediately felt at ease. She took the time to ask me what I was interested in (no glasses or blurry vision was my response) and she carefully explained all my options. She made sure I was comfortable with the information and answered my 101 questions! After that consultation, I knew Dr. Alexander and his staff were the right choice for me. I went with the PermaClear option and the experience was amazing. Dr. Alexander and his team were professional, friendly, compassionate and genuinely cared about my well being. From the first consultation to my follow up exams, I knew and felt I was in great hands. It’s been a few weeks since my surgeries and I’m typing this while wearing no glasses! It’s amazing! And so is Dr. Alexander and his team!”

Andrea K.

Keenan, Andrea CE PC Cropped

(PermaClear – December 2016/January 2017)

“I would recommend Dr. Alexander to anyone who has an eye issue. I did not need to wear eye glasses or contacts on a daily basis but I did have at least 10 pairs of reading glasses laying around the house at all times. I could not read the labels on the back of a medicine bottle, the directions on a pizza, thread a needle, read a book, see the ticker on the bottom of the TV screen, and so, so, many other daily tasks without a pair of readers. I had the PermaClear surgery at the end of December and the beginning of January. I can tell you that after over a full month of having my new eyes it is WONDERFUL!!! I can read the smallest print on a label without issue, reading a menu, reading a book without having to put on and take off my glasses to talk to someone has been awesome.
I am still adjusting to some things with the computer and phone screens but as all the staff at Alexander Eye will tell you this is a process of training your brain. This take time and some patience.
From the moment I walked into the door for my first consult I had every question answered. On my pre op visit Dr. Alexander could tell I was nervous and took the time to go through every step and comfort me. From walking in for first eye to walking out after second eye nothing but Excellent service from front desk to every nurse Dr Alexander has on staff.
The one thing I would recommend is listening to Dr Alexander on the schedule that he uses to do your eyes. He suggests both eyes in 1 week and I will tell you from experience: do what he says. I had some conflicts with dates and was unable to do both eyes in eyes in same week and you may find that you are a bit off kilter for the time between the eye surgeries. Not a horrible time just a bit off from what you would be used to.
I never felt any pain during or after the surgery. I don’t remember anything about the surgery and followed my eye drop chart to a tee and I am having no issues.
Thank you Dr. Alexander and all the staff for my gift of sight back and making my experience with Alexander Eye Institute the best ever!!

Beth J.


(PermaClear – October 2016)

“OMG – My experience and results at the Alexander Eye Institute go beyond what I ever anticipated!! After meeting Dr. Alexander, I had no fear of undergoing the PermaClear procedure – I felt total trust! I experienced no pain, whatsoever! I am sitting here writing this 1-day post-op on my second eye and cannot believe my results already! I am a marathon runner and triathlete and am so excited about what this will mean for my sporting activities, let alone life in general!”

Mark H.


(UltraThin LASIK – September 2016)

“I would absolutely recommend the Alexander Eye Institute to anyone who is considering getting LASIK eye surgery. After the procedure I felt no pain to my eyes and could see very well immediately after. The following day I woke up and had 20/20 vision. In addition to correcting my eye with an astigmatism for the same price they also treated me in a relaxing manner, and the person who recommended me was also given a gift for suggesting I go there. All of the staff I interacted with had a warm and personable attitude which definitely helped ease any tensions that I had. Thank you again Dr. Alexander for the wonderful work you do and allowing me to see clearly!”

P.S. Loved the Tupac and Dr. Dre you played during my procedure as well!

Mariann K.

Kenny, Mariann CE

(Cataract – August 2016)

“When I was 8 years old I got glass in my eyes and ever since then my vision deteriorated almost every year.  I just had cataract surgery with Dr. Alexander and now I see better than I ever have!  One of the reasons I chose Dr. Alexander was because I wanted to have surgery on both my eyes in the same week and not have to wait a week or longer between surgeries.  To me, waiting in between would have been difficult as my prescription is very high and I wouldn’t be able to function well with one eye done and one eye not.  I made the right choice.  Everyone was so professional and courteous and answered all my questions.  It was fast, painless and now I see so well.  Thank you Dr. Alexander!”

Tammy T.

Treichel, Tammy PC

(PermaClear – June 2016)

“What a tremendous experience!  I wore glasses since 6th grade and contacts since 8th grade.  Seeing things without them was not an option.  Now, after having PermaClear I am amazed at how well I see!  Things are clear in the distance and up close.  I can actually lay in bed and see my husband’s face!  The entire experience was without equal.  Thank you Dr. Alexander and staff for such a wonderful gift!”

Susan & Mike M.

Marek, Susan & Mike

(PermaClear – February 2009 and June 2016)

“Both my husband and I had the PermaClear lens implants. Mine were done almost eight years ago and I still see 20/20 with no complications. My husband just had his done this week and sees 20/15 in both eyes! Dr Alexander and his staff are professional and courteous. Every thing from the cost to the surgery was completely explained. We are both pleased and would highly recommend them to family & friends.”

Lisa L.

Long, Lisa Photo

(PermaClear – April 2016)

“I am so pleased! I had the PermaClear procedure 2 months ago and Dr. Alexander has restored my eyesight to better than 20/20, after wearing glasses for 36 years, of which the last 5 years were bifocals. At the age of 54, my eyesight had been worsening year over year, and even the thin type lenses were thick because my eyes were so bad. I struggled with contacts because the shape of one eye made it difficult to wear. Now I am free of all of that, I love being able to watch tv in bed, without having to adjust my glasses awkwardly on the very end of my nose, while they push uncomfortably into my head, trying to find the sweet spot of the bifocals. I no longer worry about setting my glasses down in the bedroom, while getting ready in the morning and then not being able to find them, because I couldn’t see. Now, I wake up in the morning, and find myself reaching for my glasses on the nightstand, that are no longer there, and I still have the phantom habit of pushing my glasses up, when no glasses are there 🙂 When I get my hair cut, I can see while she’s cutting, I don’t have to wait to put my glasses on to see. Even my own children and family are saying how they’re still getting used to seeing me without my glasses, well I never wanted those things to be part of my identity, so am very happy to have them gone. My son, my husband, and most recently, my daughter-in-law, all had Dr Alexander do the Lasik procedure and they all see 20/20 even after 10 years, so I knew I was in good hands. I opted for the PermaClear, having had bifocals before, I wanted to have both distance and close-up correction, because I work on a computer 9-10 hours a day, and didn’t want to wear the readers for work. I do not need the readers, I can see close up and distance, well worth every cent!!! My husband says I can wear sunglasses now, but I don’t want them, I’ve had glasses on my face for too long, I’ll only wear them if I absolutely have to. Dr. Alexander and his staff are top notch, extremely professional, caring, and there is absolutely no discomfort whatsoever for this procedure. I had my left eye done one day and the right eye done two days later, and I did not feel a thing!!! I couldn’t believe it, and would highly recommend anyone who is considering eye correction, to read the reviews for Dr. Alexander. I did this, and called one of them to verify the review was legit, and they definitely are real patients, with real testimonies. Thank you Dr. Alexander and staff!”

Susan K.

Knaack, Susan

(PermaClear – May 2016)

“Twenty years ago my husband and daughter had Lasik surgery from Dr Alexander. My husband’s vision is still good and my daughter has returned for an enhancement procedure a few years ago. Now it was my turn. My goal was to not wear glasses. It has been 7 weeks since my Permaclear Lens surgery. What an amazing process. Every step of the procedure, from the first exam, explanation of cost, the surgery itself and follow ups were done with the perfect combination of professionalism and compassion. Every step was explained and all questions were answered. There was very little discomfort. My vision is wonderful, both near and far. My only wish is that I had invested in my vision earlier. Is it pricey? Yes…but worth every dollar. Thank you to Dr. Alexander and every person on his exceptional staff.”

Lynn C.

Collar, Lynn IOL Exchange CrystalL to Tecnis

(IOL Exchange – April 2016)

“I had gone to a different facility and doctor and had lens replacement surgery.   After my first eye was done, I was sent back to my regular optometrist for my follow up appointments and also for appointments after my second eye.   I was having issues with my sight.  I could see fairly well for working on the computer but I needed glasses for distance, close up such as reading or sewing and night driving.    That’s 3 different glasses!   The optometrist and surgeon communicated back and forth, but I never had an appointment with my surgeon nor saw him again.   They never offered any solutions such as laser treatment.  I felt like I was just a number and not respected.

After a few years of being fully frustrated, I got the courage to make an appointment with Dr. Alexander to see if he could correct my eyes and eliminate some of the dependency on glasses.   He assured me that he could fix my eyes and I agreed to another procedure.  I was totally impressed with the attention I was given from Dr. Alexander and his staff during the procedure and my follow up appointments.  My vision is excellent, 20/20 and 20/25.  I no longer wear any type of glasses!

After having such a great experience with the procedure and follow up appointments, I now am going to Alexander Eye Institute for my yearly check-ups.  I even see Dr. Alexander at these appointments.

I am so totally grateful to Dr. Alexander for his caring nature and his wonderful staff.”

Kami B.

Broeren, Kami Photo

(PRK – January 2016)
“My mom went to Dr. Alexander for PermaClear in the fall on 2015. She had great results and was really talking the whole experience up – how nice everybody was, how well she was treated, how quick and painless the procedure was, and most importantly, how well she could see now!  I had been wanting to have my vision corrected for a very long time but my eyes were so bad that I just assumed I was not a candidate. Well, after hearing so many good things from my mom, I decided to go in for a consult. Amanda checked my eyes and answered all of my questions, she was absolutely wonderful!  My eyes were horrible. Terrible. They were so bad that I was not able to function without my contacts. At the end of my consult Dr. Alexander told me that I was a candidate for PRK!  I was completely shocked, it felt like the happiest day of my life! Amanda took her time and answered all the questions that were now going through my head and really put me at ease. She scheduled my procedure and all of my appointments before I even left that day. I was all set to go for January 28, 2016!

The day before the procedure I started having second thoughts – Is this really going to help? Am I still going to need corrective lenses, just not as strong?  Should I really do this?  I called Amanda and she reassured me, told me that I would absolutely benefit from the procedure. I took her word for it and I am SO happy that I did!  She was absolutely right!

My eyes are better now than they ever were, even while wearing contacts! I got my first pair of glasses in the 4th grade, and I had very bad astigmatism. I was concerned because of the severity of my astigmatism, that my vision would be good, but not great after the procedure. Well, it IS great! I seriously can’t believe how well I can see!  I never, ever expected to see this well! It still blows my mind!

Because of my astigmatism, I had toric contacts. They never stayed in the correct position on my eyes and I constantly had my fingers in my eyes trying to manipulate them back to where they belong. By having my fingers in my eyes I was also setting myself up for an eye infection. Now I never have to mess with my contacts or put my fingers in my eyes. I’m a motorcyclist, and riding (even with a helmet) caused my contacts to dry out and there was always dirt accumulating on them. It was a huge nuisance. Now I don’t have to worry about that!

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Alexander and his whole practice!!  Everybody there has been incredibly nice and helpful. I am forever thankful to him and his staff for giving me the gift of incredible vision!  I have never, ever been able to see as well as I see now, it’s absolutely amazing!!! THANK YOU!!!”

Patrick “PJ” D.

Douglas, Patrick Photo

(Cataract with PermaClear – April 2016)
“I was very anxious, nervous and apprehensive, before my cataract surgery.  I watched a video on the VICTUS laser which helped me understand how safe the procedure would be.  The staff was very conscientious and they answered all my questions.  The procedure was amazing!  There was no pain and now colors are awesome again.  It is like the Wizard of Oz movie, going from black and white to color!  Thank you Dr. Alexander!

Wendy G.

(Ultrathin LASIK – April 2016)
“I had done a lot of research on the procedure and doctors that performed the surgery.  I chose Alexander Eye Clinic even thought I would have a 90 minute drive each way to the appointments.  I am VERY happy I made the choice I did.  The staff is extremely friendly and so is Dr. Alexander.  Everyone took the time to make sure all of my questions were answered.”

Brian S.

(PRK – April 2016)
“Doctor Alexander is a fantastic doctor and his staff is very kind and funny.  Michelle is an awesome nurse and kept me laughing when I was nervous.  I would highly recommend the Alexander Eye Institute to anyone considering corrective surgery.  Thank you Dr. Alexander and staff!”

Krista K.

Kleidon, Krista Photo

(PRK – September 2015)
“Definition of a life changing event?  Going from 20/200 to 20/20 within 6 months after Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK). It’s hard to put into words how amazing it is to see clearly.  No more worrying if I packed my glasses, extra contacts, etc.  No more fumbling around in the middle of the night.  No more spending half my FSA at the eye doctor.  No more relying on others to see for me. One regret…wish I’d done it sooner.  Many, many thanks to Dr. Alexander and his staff for their patience, support and expertise.”

Kris P.

Parmentier, Kris Edited

(PermaClear – February 2005)
“How cool is this.  Just had an eye checkup and 11 years after Dr. Alexander did my PermaClear lens replacement.  I have 20/15 vision in both eyes.  This from a person who started wearing glasses at age 5 and who was always “blind as a bat”.  So awesome to be able to continue to see so well without glasses. Thanks again Dr. Alexander for changing my life.  Best return on an investment ever. Would do it all over again in a heart beat.”

Peggy F.

(Cataract with PermaClear – July 2015)
“My whole life I was very nearsighted and when I developed cataracts I wanted to be able to see without glasses. Another doctor I went to did not want to do a premium option for me because he said I had thin corneas. I came to Dr. Alexander and I am so glad I did! The staff explained everything and was so wonderful and friendly. My surgery was over so quickly and I couldn’t believe there was no pain. Now I can see perfect and I don’t need any glasses. It is such a miracle! I couldn’t be happier!”

Jacqueline A.

(Cataract with PermaClear – October 2013)
“Dr. Alexander gave me the clear vision that I had never before experienced.  At age 66, my eyesight is now 20/20.  I still get excited to see individual leaves on the trees, the ability to read street signs way before I pass them, the recognition of people’s faces at a distance – things I could not see with glasses!  I am also having fun putting on eye makeup for the first time in my life!  Dr. Alexander has amazing talent – not only performing eye surgery, but also has the best customer service I have ever experienced. I live 460 miles away in Michigan, but he and his wonderful staff always worked with me to obtain all of the needed appointments, despite being waylaid with hip surgery. My mother-in-law had her sight restored by Dr. Alexander many years ago and she raved about her wonderful experience….and I agree! Thank you to Dr. Alexander and his wonderful staff!”

Philip D.

(PermaClear- December 2011)
“It has been over 4 years since I had PermaClear lens surgery. I do not wear any glasses and I can read the smallest print. It was a pricey procedure but it was definitely worth the money. I wish I had done it sooner! Dr. Alexander was great. You won’t be treated better anywhere else. I recommend it to everyone!”

Susan B.

(Cataract with PermaClear- February 2016)
“I have worn glasses for over 50 years and needed to do something because of cataracts.  I decided on the PermaClear option and it was worth every penny!  I am still getting used to my new distance and near vision.  I already don’t have to reach for my glasses and I can read a map again. The best part is the vision will still get better.  Everyone was so friendly and pleasant that I wasn’t afraid. It was actually an elegant experience, like coming to an eye spa.”

Terry S.

(UltraThin LASIK- February 2016)
“In February I had LASIK with Dr. Alexander. I found them on the internet and researched Dr. Alexander. He had very good reviews and he was an innovator which is a combination I liked. I drove a long way to get there and am so glad I did! They answered my questions and gave me options. Now I can see and I am very happy! It was well worth the drive.”

Vicki F.

(Cataract with PermaClear – February 2016)
“When I found out I had cataracts, a co-worker (who is very particular) recommended I go see Dr. Alexander.  I found the staff to be very helpful. They let me know what to expect. I was very impressed with the VICTUS laser.  Now I have GREAT VISION! I can see to put on eye makeup and have it be seen too!”

Waltraud W.

(Cataract with PermaClear – March 2015)
“I had my surgery about a year ago and am amazed. I see more detail and the colors are brighter – the whole world expanded. It is definitely worth the expense. My vision was affected so gradually that it never occurred to me to do this. I should have done it earlier!”

Rich H.

(Cataract with PermaClear – March 2015)
“I had cataract surgery with PermaClear and am amazed with the results. I have worn glasses or contacts since I was 10 years old.  At age 65, I now have perfect vision.  I was concerned about the 2.5 to 4.0 foot “dashboard zone” that I had heard about. NOT a problem. I can see near or far with NO dead spots.

I was so impressed that it took very little convincing to have my wife, Beth, do the same procedure. She is very pleased also. Thank you Dr. Alexander and your outstanding staff.”

Richard P.

(Ultrathin LASIK – February 2016)
“What an awesome experience!!  Had Lasik done on February 11, 2016!!  The staff and Dr. Alexander were very professional and willing to answer any questions I had. The very next day I was seeing 20/15. I would also like to give a Very Special Thanks to Amanda!! Who was never too busy to give me a call and answer a few questions I thought of after my surgery! It is great to have a new “glasses free” lifestyle. I would definitely recommend any one who is considering Lasik to visit Dr. Alexander and his staff! I am sure your experience will be as awesome as mine!  Thanks again!”

Kathleen H.

Harry, Kathleen 2

(Cataract with PermaClear – November 2015)
“After years of wearing contacts/glasses I made the decision that I had had it with irritated red eyes and poor vision. I had a consult with Dr. Alexander and he recommended PermaClear lens along with cataract surgery. I can only tell you it was the best decision I could have made. I wish I would have done it years ago. I have perfect vision all the time. My contacts and glasses are in the trash. Dr. Alexander was wonderful. He was gentle, kind, very informative, and reassuring the procedure would be painless. His staff was outstanding in every regard. I feel I had the finest in care from my first consultation to the follow up visits. I would highly recommend Dr. Alexander, he is a very talented physician. I love my new vision. It was the best investment I could have made.”

Barbara B.

(Cataract with Pure Distance – February 2016)
“I am very pleased with my results. The staff was wonderful and very compassionate. I would very highly recommend them.”

Steve F.

(Cataract with PermaClear – December 2015)
“When I developed a cataract in my right eye I came to Dr. Alexander because I knew he was the best. I am legally blind in my left eye and he had helped me in the past. In December I had cataract surgery with PermaClear. There was never any pain or discomfort. Now the quality of my sight is so much better and colors are more brilliant. I can see far and near. It has really helped the quality of my life. Everything they said came through. Dr. Alexander and the entire staff are excellent.”

Debbi B.

Brzana, Debbi

(PermaClear – January 2016)
“Over the past few years, my eyesight had slowly been deteriorating. Things weren’t as clear, as crisp as they always were. It happens so slowly over a period of time that you don’t realize it , but I was soon relying more and more on my glasses. That is when I discovered the PermaClear procedure and how it could help me.

I cannot thank Dr. Alexander and his staff enough. They are a wonderful, caring and professional group of individuals. Their attention to detail is impeccable!!  The day after my surgery, Dr. Alexander asked how I was doing…I felt like it was Christmas morning!  The world is crisp and alive again!  You see with such clarity; things that you forgot were there are so vivid.  It’s not just a tree in the distance…its a tree with leaves!

Again, I thank Dr. Alexander and each member of his staff that works to make it all possible.  I only have one set of eyes, I wouldn’t trust mine to anyone else.”

Linda T.

(Cataract with PermaClear – August 2015)
“I could never thank you enough for all that you have done and the great care you have given me!  You work miracles!  Fulfill wishes and make dreams come true!  You gave me the miracle of sight back!  I never, ever dreamed I would be able to see like this!  I never could!!  You not only opened my eyes but you opened my heart!  So out of an old classic:  Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus!!  Well he comes in the form of Dr. Alexander and his team!!  Many blessings to all of you!  I got mine!!”

Nancy B.

(PermaClear – December 2014)
“A year after PermaClear surgery, I couldn’t be happier. Wore glasses and or contacts for 45 years. Love waking up in the morning and not have to put my glasses on to see the morning.”

Judy V.

(Cataract with PermaClear – December 2015)

“I knew of the Alexander Eye Institute for a long time and when I needed cataract surgery I wanted to go there. I am so glad I did! They made me feel very comfortable every step of the way. The price for PermaClear was more than I had anticipated but I wanted to see without glasses so I was not going to let that stop me. Buying glasses over the years is expensive too. WOW! My vision is great! There were no glitches, everything went perfectly. I am so excited to have had this done. Dr. Alexander is my new hero.”

Terri K.

(PermaClear – November 2015)
“I am 1 month post op from having the PermaClear procedure done.  What a difference it has made!  I’m 20/15 in both eyes and so happy with every aspect of my vision.  I am so glad I chose Dr. Alexander!  He is a great doctor!  The whole staff is super friendly.   Thank you to everyone at the Alexander Eye Institute for such an amazing experience.”

Joann H.

(Cataract with PermaClear – July 2015)
“I had cataract surgery with PermaClear lens 3 weeks ago.  Colors are amazing!  Very first time I saw white tissues they were WHITE.  Can’t wait to see snow.  Everything is so sparkling clear.  I thought I kept a pretty clean house, but was surprised when I saw the dust on the tops of my shower curtains and curtain rod.  Been doing a lot of dusting!!!”

Michael J.

(PRK left eye – August 2015)
“I had been having trouble seeing sharply and my night vision was not good enough.  I will be 61 next month so I decided a couple months ago to check with Dr. Alexander and see if he thought I could improve my left eye which was my weakest.  On August 6th I had PRK done to my eye and immediately started seeing better than I ever have.  Dr. Alexander is a superstar and I feel very blessed to have the vision he has give me.”

Rhonda G.

Gesell, Rhonda PC 9-2015

(PermaClear Sight Restoration – September 2015)
“For the first time, for as long as I can remember, I actually read a phone book number without glasses yesterday!!  I had the PermaClear procedure done in September and I could not be happier!!  The procedure was next to painless, the staff was sweet and Dr. Alexander is fabulous.  I trust him, his experience in his field is impeccable and I would recommend Dr. Alexander to anyone.  Don’t hesitate, it’s well worth it.  Thank you Dr. Alexander and the staff at Alexander Eye Institute.  P.S. I have several pair of glasses for sale.” :))

Karen L.

(PermaClear Sight Restoration – September 2015)
“Since I had PermaClear Sight Restoration with the multifocal lens at the Alexander Eye Institute I feel like the luckiest person in the world!  I am grateful for what  Dr. Alexander and his FABULOUS staff have done for my eyes.  It means the world to me to have eliminated glasses and contact lenses from my life.  I am 57 years old and have been near sighted since I was 8 years old.

The staff at the Alexander Eye Institute is nothing short of stellar – sensitive to the needs of the patient.  My comfort and care was their priority.

They really live up to their slogan ” A Passion for Perfection!”

Angela F.

(PRK – April 2015)
“I had PRK in April and could not be happier.  I had my follow up today and I’m 20/20!!  Over 30 years of wearing glasses, why did I wait so long to get this done.  AMAZING!  The staff and Dr. Alexander are so nice and friendly.  Definitely recommend!”

William S., DDS

Schuster, William CE PC2

(Cataract with PermaClear – May 2015)
“It has been several months now since I had cataract surgery and my eyesight corrected with the PermaClear Sight Restoration with the Multifocal Lens.  Immediately after the surgery I had excellent vision.  After wearing glasses since 7th grade I continue to  be amazed that I now have no need for glasses.  This summer I was able to swim and recognize my grandchildren on the water slides in Wis. Dells.  I can now find my wife on a crowded beach when I come in from a swim in the Ocean.  It is truly enjoyable to be able to walk in the rain and not have to clean rain drops off my glasses.  To sit in a barber chair and actually see what the stylist is doing is still enlightening.  How great to wake up and not have to reach for glasses.  No more watching them crash and slide along the court while playing basketball.

Thank you Dr. Alexander and staff for your excellent care and making my retirement even more enjoyable.  Love my eyes.”

Na Hu & Andy B.

Belter, Andy & Hu, Na OU UT  8-12-15

(Ultrathin LASIK – August 2015)
“My wife and I had UltraThin LASIK done one week ago and the results are incredible.  I am currently seeing 20/15, while my wife is currently at 20/20 vision.  Throughout the entire process we felt cared for and comforted.  The initial consultation was a great way to learn more about the process and get all of our questions out of the way.  The staff was always friendly and informative, and Dr. Alexander also made us feel prepared and excited about the procedure.   The day of surgery everything was explained clearly to us and all went smoothly.  Our recovery was fast and pain free, we really didn’t even feel any discomfort at any point along the way.

We will  highly recommend Dr. Alexander and the Alexander Eye Institute to friends and family as our first choice for the Lasik procedure.  They have state of the art equipment and technology, and extremely competent, comforting and friendly staff, and a doctor that has been in the field since it’s beginning.”

Jane H.

(Cataract with PermaClear – July 2015)
“I have known Dr. Alexander for over 20 years when he performed RK on both my eyes and helped me get rid of glasses/contact lenses which I had needed since age 7.  That was the first miracle he did on my eyes.  Recently he helped get rid of my cataracts with the PermaClear lens and my vision is now even better than 20 years ago. I have confidence that he will get me another 20 years of great vision with this procedure. He is the best!”

Steve C.

(Cataract with PermaClear – July 2015)
“I had cataract surgery along with PermaClear surgery less than two weeks ago and can see better than I ever have.  Very pleased!”

Joe R.

(PRK – April 2015)
“The entire experience was amazing!  No pressure.  Answered all my questions.  Results are unbelievable!  Highly recommended to anyone who has been considering lasik!  Thank you Dr. Alexander and staff – every single person has been excellent to work with.”

Mai M.

(UltraThin LASIK – June 2015)
“I had the UltraThin LASIK procedure done and it was fast and easy.  Dr. Alexander is kind and knowledgeable.  The staff are helpful, personable, and nice.  He has state of the art equipment.  The facility is amazing, very clean,  with a warm atmosphere.  Highly recommend the place for eye exams and LASIK surgeries.”

Laura S.

(PermaClear – June 2015)
“This procedure as well as the outcome are nothing short of miraculous!  I  have worn glasses for over 52 years, and the gas perm contacts for 45 years, and my eyes were getting weary and worn out from all of the contact lens issues I was having.  After hearing about the Perma Clear option and having the free screening at your clinic last April, I know that PermaClear would be my best option to restore my -11 astigmatism correction in both eyes…I am one grateful, ecstatic lady that I have such clear vision after only 2 weeks …This will forever be a blessing in my life!”

Dr. Stephanie G.

(PRK – April 2015)
“Thank you for all your kindness and expertise – I am extremely happy with the results.  It’s truly been life-changing and I was back to performing my own surgeries the next week.”

Lindsey W.

Wissing, Lindsey OU UT 5-14-15

(UltraThin LASIK – May 2015)
“My experience at Alexander Eye Institute was amazing!  I was very nervous and Dr. Alexander and his staff made me feel at ease.  The process was seamless!  And my vision is  better now than it has ever been!  I would recommend Alexander Eye Institute to anyone; thank you for your excellence!”

Sharon B.

Bowen, Sharon  Cropped

(Cataract with PermaClear – April 2015)
“I did lots of research before selecting Dr. Alexander and the Alexander Eye Institute and am so delighted I did choose him and his staff for my cataract surgeries this week.  This was the best medical experience I have ever had at any clinic or hospital of any kind.  They exceeded my expectations and hopes for a positive experience and outcome.  Dr. Alexander is extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest improvements, research, and technology and his facilities are state-of-the-art.  His attention to detail and commitment to excellence help give the best possible outcome for each patient.  He has done many thousands of surgeries and is extremely skilled and talented and he cares.  His staff is very helpful, kind, and answer all questions patiently, promptly, and even have a sense of humor, which puts patients at ease.  There was no pressure about making the various choices about treatment, lenses, etc.  I was given information about the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches and lenses, so I could choose what is best for my lifestyle and my eyes.  Within 24 hours of each eye surgery after the dilation went away, I was already seeing   20-20 for distance and my near vision was so good that I could read books and use the computer without glasses.  And it continues to improve each day.  Thank you so much!!”

Kelly M.

Kelly Milks OU PRK 4-2-15

(PRK – April 2015)
“I had PRK surgery done on April 2nd.  I was a bit nervous at first to have this surgery…but Dr. Alexander and his staff did an awesome job reassuring me everything would be fine!  His staff was very nice and very informative and was able to answer every question that I had.  Since my surgery, I had minimal swelling and irritation on my eyes and was back to work in four days!  Now, I can see crisp, clear lines and can read street signs over a block away!!  I am very very happy with how well I can see and not have to deal with glasses or contacts anymore.  Best decision I have every made!

Thank you Dr. Alexander and staff!!”

Billy Joe S.

(PermaClear – April 2015)
“I would like to thank all of the people at the Alexander Eye Institute.  It was a great experience from my initial contact on line to a Saturday morning consultation.  The exam with Dr. Alexander and staff, pre-op, operations and then post-ops.  Everyone was so gracious and polite.  Most places you go to now the people look at you and treat you like you are a bother to them.  At the Alexander Eye Institute you are treated like their most important customer.

Within three days of my operation I was already seeing 20/15 and 20/20 which is amazing.  I started wearing glasses in the second grade and I am now 54 and you will never believe how much more of life you can see when given the opportunity.  Thank you Dr. Alexander and staff.”

Tim F.

(PermaClear® – January 2013)
“Today is the day after my second surgery and I just want to talk to you a little about the experience I had here at the Alexander Eye Institute. From the very first day that I came in for my free consultation to today the staff had been fantastic. Dr. Alexander explains things thoroughly, does an outstanding job. But the entire staff, I met many people throughout the organization and they are all the same, they are all like one family. They do a great job. They make you feel at home. They make you feel comfortable and I would recommend Alexander Eye Institute to anybody.”

Doug D.

(PermaClear® – September 2012)
“I came down to have my eyes examined and checked for having problems reading without reader glasses and all the fine numbers and letters and fine stuff that I do with my business. I needed to do something about it. With the help of everybody here which is absolutely fabulous people and Dr. Alexander, we got the new eye lenses put in and everything from that point on has been absolutely fabulous. I can read and have 20/20 vision and I am not looking back. It was absolutely great.”

Vickie L.

(PermaClear® – October 2012)
“Hi, I am very happy to relay my experience with the Alexander Eye Institute. Four months ago I had cataract surgery with PermaClear and I am seeing better than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I was one of the people who was wearing glasses when I was in first or second grade followed by contacts and getting the cataracts I didn’t realize how may vision was slowly deteriorating until I had the surgery. The day of surgery I opened my eyes and to be quite honest I was in tears just looking at all the vibrant colors, and the shapes and everything just looked like it was brand new to me. I am so happy that I had the surgery and the staff here art Alexander Eye Institute are not only friendly, they’re professional, they’re sympathetic…they’re just wonderful people to work with. I have never experienced this type of special care anywhere and I urge anybody that is considering having this done to just not even have any concerns. It’s wonderful! It’s the best experience of my life. Good luck to all of you that attempt to try it. Thank you.”

Kathleen M.

(PermaClear® – February 2013)
“I am in today in for my check up. I’m about 3 weeks out from my PermaClear lens replacement. I am so thrilled with the outcome. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be able to see at all distances again. My experience here at the Alexander Eye Institute was just amazing but then again I knew it would be. My husband had LASIK here in 1998 and his surgery was very successful. My sister-in-law has been here, so we have turned this into a family affair and I am just thrilled with my outcome as I have stated and I have just loved everyone that I met here: their professionalism, their caring. It has just been a fabulous experience.”

Chris S.

(Secondary IOL – November 2012)
“I came to Alexander Eye Institute because of the poor treatment at another office. Many people told me to come here and I should have paid attention. They were right. I am very satisfied. I can see well and I am even comfortable driving at night.” Dr. Alexander did a great job. He is very personable and he and the entire staff are very professional. I couldn’t be happier.”