“Estoy tan agradecida con el doctor Alexander y con sus asistentes, ellos hicieron posible el que pudiera volver a ver sin lentes, fue un cirugía sin dolor antes y después. Gracias por todo.” Translation: “I’m so thankful for Dr Alexander and his assistants, they made it possible to see again without glasses, it was a painless surgery before and after. thank you for everything.”
Karen A.
UltraThin LASIK – February 2021
“I had LASIK surgery done on 1/20/21 and I cannot say enough about my experience. From start to finish the entire staff from the front desk to the techs to Dr. Alexander himself were truly exceptional. My vision wasn’t terrible. I had just come to the point in my life where I was done with glasses or contacts in my life. I had visited a different eye clinic before Dr. Alexander and the first one made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for an elective surgery choice. The first clinic took over a week to even call me about if I was a candidate. Not Dr. Alexander and his team. They explained everything that I wanted to know about (I didn’t really want to know many of the exact details of the surgery) and what they could do for me all within the first consultation. Dr. Alexander is extremely professional and has a great “bedside manner”. He is very soft voiced and speaks to you with respect and wants to make sure that you are comfortable and feel important.

As for the surgery, quick, painless, and effective. My vision tested at 20/15 and I feel great.

Thank you for changing the comfort level in my life. No more dry contacts and eyes from long hours at work. Thank you so much Dr. Alexander and your entire team.”
Jesse M.
UltraThin LASIK – January 2021
“Dr. Alexander performed my cataract surgery on Dec 23/24 and it feels as if it’s a miracle to have my eyesight restored clear & crisp! His staff is wonderful and the procedure painless. I can actually read small print and colors are brilliant. It has been life enhancing and I’m thankful to all of them for making it a pleasant experience.”
Lois G.
Cataract with PermaClear GOLD – December 2020
“I met with Dr. Alexander and his very special staff late in August. They got me in for cataract surgery and lens replacement October 13th & 15th. I went back the next day after my first surgery, unbelievable how small of words I could read without glasses. Got the same results with the second eye surgery. I am so glad I saw his advertisement on tv and went to his Eye Institute. The only regret is, I didn’t do this sooner. Thank you Dr. Alexander and staff!”
Bill A.
Cataract with PermaClear GOLD – October 2020
“Dr. Alexander and his team are the very Best! I have seen many eye doctors and none compare to his excellence! My sight going in was 20/200 but after doctor removing my cataracts and giving me PermaClear lenses my sight is now restored. I can see clearly near and far. Doctor Alexander is very talented!”
Becky M.
Cataract with PermaClear – September 2020