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Even people who have never worn glasses their entire lives can find that their ability to see clearly up close diminishes some time in their 40’s. This condition, called presbyopia, occurs when the eyes’ lenses begin to lose elasticity, making it difficult to change focus or accommodate different focal lengths. This change in vision is not caused by the shape of the cornea or eye, so LASIK is not an option. Presbyopia is frustrating and inevitable – but now it can be corrected!

Using his expertise in vision correction surgery, Dr. Alexander optimizes the technology of non-cataract lens replacement to restore your vision through a process called PermaClear® Sight Restoration, which can be used to treat nearsighted, farsighted or presbyopic patients. PermaClear® has evolved from the highly effective techniques used to treat millions of cataract patients, with an extensive, proven record of success. Dr. Alexander was one of the pioneers in treating presbyopia through refractive surgery. He was the first in surgeon in Wisconsin to perform a refractive lensectomy with a multi-focal lens.

During this procedure, the eye’s aging lens is replaced with a specially designed lens that is designed to allow you to see clearly near and far without glasses or bifocals. In most cases, the improvement in vision is noticeable the very same day – and it is permanent because the new lens never needs to be replaced. Once you’ve had your vision corrected with PermaClear® you’ll never need cataract surgery since the new lens cannot develop a cataract.

PermaClear® provides the best results when done bilaterally (on both eyes). After the aging lenses are replaced, additional procedures may be used to further sharpen or enhance your vision. With any surgical procedure, the results for an individual patient will vary. Not everyone is a candidate for PermaClear® and all surgical procedures carry certain risks as well as different benefits based on your individual needs, so stop in for a free consultation to review your options. We want you to be comfortable with your decision and will provide you with the detailed information you need to decide what’s right for you.

With any surgical procedure, the results for an individual patient will vary. All surgical procedures carry certain risks.
At the Alexander Eye Institute, we will discuss your options and their risks and benefits so that you can weigh them based on your own personal value system and can make the best choice to achieve your best vision