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What is LASIK?

Although LASIK refers to a specific procedure, the term has been used as a generic word for a variety of vision correction procedures. What they have in common is that a laser is used to change the cornea’s curvature. Here at the Alexander Eye Institute, a thin flap is created in the outer layers of the cornea. Then a laser is used to reshape the underlying corneal tissue based on precise measurements.

LASIK is one of the most versatile and effective of today’s vision correction procedures. Many individuals who are nearsighted, farsighted, or who have astigmatism can all be treated via LASIK with clearer vision usually returning rapidly.

UltraSight LASIK

Our exclusive UltraSight® laser vision correction combines two of the most sophisticated new technologies – the Allegretto Wave™ laser and the IntraLase® FS laser. Together they make LASIK an all-laser procedure; one that is completely blade-free and non-invasive. In the skilled hands of Dr. Alexander, these technologies offer the highest level of consistency, precision and safety. In addition, they make it possible for Dr. Alexander to effectively treat people with extremely strong corrective prescriptions who might not have been candidates for LASIK in the past.

After UltraSight® the majority of patients achieve vision – that is crisper and sharper than they have ever experienced before, even with their glasses.

Advanced UltraThin LASIK

For many people, dry eyes can be a persistent problem and LASIK procedures typically increase dryness. Although artificial tears are always recommended, there is now a specific type of LASIK that can be done which seeks to reduce the eye dryness from the procedure itself. Thanks to the latest ophthalmic technology and the surgical skill of Dr. Alexander, we are proud to offer our Advanced UltraThin LASIK as an option. Advanced UltraThin LASIK differs from UltraSight LASIK by creating a thinner flap in your eye. What we found is that most patients have less discomfort, a faster recovery and less eye dryness than other LASIK procedures. The goal with UltraThin LASIK is for you to see a more immediate improvement in vision and be able to resume normal activities faster.

It’s hard to improve on our popular UltraSight® LASIK, but at the Alexander Eye Institute we’ve done it with Advanced UltraThin LASIK!

With any surgical procedure, the results for an individual patient will vary. All surgical procedures carry certain risks.
At the Alexander Eye Institute, we will discuss your options and their risks and benefits so that you can weigh them based on your own personal value system and can make the best choice to achieve your best vision.