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The Difference is our Technology

The Alexander Eye Institute and Alexander Surgery Center feature a range of laser technology used to create pioneering techniques in vision surgery. Precision, speed and safety are the keys to great results in laser vision correction. These critical elements allow for a higher level of performance than ever before…and our practice is one of the few that offers this advanced technology.

The Allegretto Wave™ 400 Eye-Q: The Newest Generation

The Allegretto Wave® Eye Q is the fastest vision correction laser for LASIK available in the United States – twice as fast as the previous Allegretto Wave technology and four times faster than many other lasers currently in use. Increased speed means less time under the laser, which results in less stress for our patients and a reduced risk of side effects.

Speed is not the only feature that makes this new technology so amazing. The Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q was developed specifically for custom LASIK procedures, incorporating technology that allows for precise correction of tiny aberrations in the surface of the cornea. A patented algorithm customizes treatment to each individual’s prescription and cornea shape thus making it possible for Dr. Alexander to achieve a superior quality of vision for patients. This extraordinary accuracy and speed are the result of PerfectPulse Technology® which coordinates the laser with an advanced eye tracking system that charts the movements of the eye 400 times a second. Then it continually adjusts the laser’s placement and calibrates the energy of the laser for the most accurate level of correction possible. This technology also allows Dr. Alexander to correct the vision of people who may not have been LASIK candidates in the past.

Another advantage of the Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q system is that it has an expanded field of treatment. In darker conditions and at night, the pupil expands to permit more light to enter the eye. If the optical zone (the area on the cornea treated by the laser) is smaller than the size of the pupil, you will experience problems with glare and halos around bright objects such as headlights. The Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q is able to produce the largest available optical zone which means that the changes of glare, halos and other night vision problems are reduced compared to other lasers.

This system represents a significant advancement in technology for laser vision correction. It delivers great results, reduces healing time and enables the majority of all patients to enjoy 20/20 vision. Most of all it greatly expands the range of patients who can benefit from LASIK.

IntraLase® FS Laser

The IntraLase® FS laser is a special rapid pulse laser called a femtosecond (FS) laser. The IntraLase® allows Dr. Alexander to use a computer controlled approach to employ a tiny beam of laser light with micron-level accuracy. The extreme precision of the IntraLase® laser makes the UltraSight® procedure highly predictable, and therefore, it provides increased safety and delivers outstanding patient outcomes

Moria One Use-Plus SBKMicrokeratome

The One Use-Plus SBK is a single-use, mechanical, automated microkeratome which is safe and efficient. There are several benefits to using this technology, such as: faster vision recovery, faster procedure, less eye dryness, decreased pain and discomfort, and a decreased need for post-surgical eye drops. It is another example of advanced equipment being used to provide you with the best possible result.