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Pre & Post Operative Care

The Alexander Eye Surgery Center is designed to give you the highest quality medical care all under one roof. We are dedicated to making sure you are comfortable and informed before, during and after surgery.

Pre–operative care includes a comprehensive vision examination to determine the unique vision challenges you face. During this process we will examine your eyes, review the measurements of your eye and lens and check your visual acuity. At this point, we will discuss your options in refractive surgery or lens implant surgery, including cataracts. We will discuss the pros and cons of each procedure with you and answer all your questions.

Prior to surgery we will let you know how long you need to be out of your contact lenses in order to ensure a higher quality vision outcome. We will also discuss medications with you and advise if you should discontinue any that you are currently taking. Our goal is to make you and your family members as comfortable as possible.

Post-operative care is equally important and includes several examinations (for up to one year) following your initial surgery. During these examinations, we monitor your progress to determine if there is a need to further enhance or sharpen your vision. Enhancements to your vision deemed medically necessary by Dr. Alexander, and which are visually beneficial with no significant risks or medical contraindications, may be included during the period of follow up care.